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The city of Arvada, Colorado, is a wonderful place to live. Arvada, which has over 100,000 residents, is the seventh largest city in the state, which means there are always homes for sale. Because of its location near Denver, Boulder, and Golden, the city almost always enjoys steady growth. With both older homes coming onto the market and new homes being built on a regular basis, the Arvada real estate market has never looked better. If you’re wondering why Arvada is right for you, here are a few of the reasons why you might want to make this city your home.

If you’re looking for a view of the Rocky Mountains, you’ll love Arvada. Colorado is a beautiful state with exceptional weather, and the area around Arvada is exceptionally pretty. There are numerous parks and recreational areas to visit, plus a day trip hiking in the mountains is always a possibility. Arvada is noteworthy for having more outdoor areas than some of the nearby larger cities or the newer towns to the south. Buying a house in Arvada is definitely a good idea for anyone who loves the outdoors.

As a suburb of Denver, Arvada is near many of the state’s largest shopping areas and business districts. Many people, in fact, commute on public transportation from Arvada to Denver or Boulder every day. Arvada offers the best of both worlds: you’re near the mountains and nature, yet it’s possible to head into Denver to take in a show or go shopping. In fact, you can even take the RTD bus to Boulder if you don’t want to drive or take advantage of Amtrak’s passenger service. The state plans to have a commuter rail line in operation to Arvada by 2015.

If you’re looking for an older home, you’ll want to look in Olde Town Arvada: the older part of the city located on the eastern side. While older, many of these homes are in great shape and have a high walkability. On the west side of the city are many newer homes, and this is the area where you’re more likely to see new housing additions popping up.

Whether you are a millennial looking for your first home or an active senior or baby boomer Arvada is truly one of Colorado’s hidden gems. Many people talk about Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs, but these large cities aren’t for everyone. If you’re in the market for a house in Colorado, visit Arvada. You may find that the city offers everything you need while providing the natural, relaxing walk able atmosphere you want.

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